Own Your Audience
Enabling publishers with single sign-on technology to:
Authenticate readers
Collect 1st party data
Monetize access to content
Manage newsletters, event tickets and data
by reader.id
Value to publishers
Collect, manage, analyze, segment 1st-party audience data
Automate and manage newsletter subscriptions, CRM and integrations
Sell event tickets and RSVPs with Tikit add-on
Monetize their readers (Subscriptions, Paywalls, Corporate memberships, Discount codes, Trials)
Leverage audience data in maximizing ad revenue
Do cross-promotions between subscription plans and event tickets or RSVPs
Reader.id’s onboarding and management of subscribers’ first party data is essential for any publisher, event producer or content maker today.
Piers Fawkes
co-founder, reader.id
Value to readers
Complete control over your data being shared with the websites
Single place to manage subscriptions, event tickets and payments across all the websites you read
Connect and network with other people reading the same story, and attending the same event
Imagine the reader-connected world, where you instantly sign in to any of the websites, have control over the data being shared, have a single place to manage subscriptions, event tickets, and payments, network and connect with each other.
Tim Roho
co-founder, reader.id
No monthly fee
15% transaction fee
+ Free up to 500 Registered Readers
($10.00 per 2,000 signups after that)
+ Simple Sign-On functionality
+ Google Firebase Authentication
(Supports Google / Apple / Facebook / Amazon sign-in)
+ Newsletter lists integration (Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor)
+ Customizable email and pop-up templates
+ E-mail channel support
+ Subscriber analytics
Register readers with Single Sign-On
and collect 1st party data.
2.9% transaction fee
Includes Reader.ID features plus:
+ 50,000 signups
($10.00 per 2,000 signups after that)
+ Paywall functionality
+ Discount codes, Trial plans
+ Corporate subscriptions
+ Fully branded emails from your @domain
+ Connect Stripe, Hubspot, Segment
+ Phone / Asana / Slack Support
Enable Paywall & Paid Subscriptions.
Control and monetize your content.
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2.9% transaction fee
Includes Reader.ID + Wallkit features plus:
+ 100,000 signups
($10.00 per 2,000 signups after that)
+ Event ticket sales functionality
+ Turnkey integration, assistance & consulting
+ Multiple websites / mobile apps
+ Connect and integrate with any 3rd party
+ Customizable email and pop-up templates

+ 10 hours of onboarding & consulting time included monthly
Optional: +10 hrs at +$500/mo cost
$70 per hour after that.

Seamlessly Sell Tickets to Events.